Meet Finley. A lab beagle mix. Her hobbies are chewing, playing, and more chewing. She loves car rides and hates men in hats. Tom and I rescued Finley just about 5 months ago and we are so lucky to have found her. 

We Drank Free Beer

The guys from Brewtherville Labs made an appearance at the Mt. Washington annual bock party on Sunday, and brought free beer! Each brought one of their delicious home brews to share with the community while sharing knowledge about beer making.

We Ate Some Cake

Got to hang out with these cuties and celebrate their 3rd birthday! Nick and Mallory are the sweetest twins ever, hands down. 

Sunflower fields forever...

Today we came across the sunflower fields planted by Clear Meadow Farm in Jarrettsville, MD. It was absolutely breathtaking. 

Weekend in the Woods

Nature. Cheaper than therapy.